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Room Partitions Installations, Repairs & Replacements

We Install Bedroom, Office, Shoji, Wall, Privacy, Partition & Loft Dividers
Office Room Partition

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At GlassMogul we service, repair, install, and replace room partitions that come in all shapes and sizes for both residential and commercial applications. Our room dividers are ideal for offices, living rooms, retail stores, restaurants, trade shows, and wherever you’d like a bit more privacy. We offer a range of styles, including Japanese, Shoji, hanging, movable, modern, wooden, and aluminum units to choose from. Whether you are looking to have new room dividers installed in your house, loft, condo, or workplace, you can count on the expert installation provided by GlassMogul to get the job done right, on time, and within budget.

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Room Partition Brands We Carry & Service

We install and repair ANAUNIA, BARRISOL, Contractors Wardrobe, DORMA, LOFTwall, Screenflex Portable Room Dividers, and Vitrealspecchi room dividers to name a few. We perform work on all brands and styles, regardless of how old they are.

Room Divider Types to Choose From

When it comes to installing new room dividers, we offer bedroom, decorative, divider, folding, glass, hanging, Japanese, living room, loft, modern, movable, office, panel, portable, privacy, residential, screen, Shoji, sliding, temporary, wall, and wooden partitions.

Benefits Room Dividers Offer

  • Privacy
  • Room Separator
  • Upgrade Office
  • Bar & Restaurant Walls
  • Modern Design Options
  • Cubical Screens
  • See Through Glass
  • Sound Dampening
  • Portable
  • Sliding / Movable
  • Temporary Walls
  • Different Styles & Materials